Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo are the well know “pearls” of the Aegadian archipelago. But there is something you probably don’t know: in Favignana this summer you can find a brand new, typical luxury hotel Sicily style. It is Dimora Cala del Pozzo, and it is perfect either for a romantic escape or a relaxing retreat for families. An oasis of pleasure in the island of dreams.
Let us give you some tips for a luxurious holiday in Sicily, starting from accommodation, of course.

The perfect luxury hotel in Sicily on the beach of Favignana

The sea next to the luxury hotel in Sicily by the beach

The sea in Favignana

Aegadian islands are not – for sure – a mass tourism destination. They mostly attract elite visitors, who are not necessarily wealthy people. Those who get to the Aegadian archipelago are mostly interested in exploring places and cultures, in order to build a solid connection with the territory and deep understanding.
In order to get to know very closely these island, the best accommodation choice is – with no doubt – a family run hotel. Dimora Cala del Pozzo stands out as one of the most characteristic luxury hotel in Sicily and in Favignana island. Run by a young local couple, it is the place where all the island’s tradition converge.
It was recently rebuilt on a former rural building called “baglio” all around Sicily and southern Italy. The owners keep its ancient spirit alive: the Dimora is part of a farm which extends widely in the valley under the mount of St. Catherine. Moreover, the luxury hotel design recalls the ancient times of Sicily, combined with all modern comforts.

This luxury hotel in Sicily is an island on an island

Dimora Cala del Pozzo luxury hotel in Sicily Favignana

Dimora Cala del Pozzo rises on an ancient farming area

Dimora Cala del Pozzo is located north-west, far away from the hustle of the main tourist area (situated south-east). This luxury hotel overlooks the beach of Cala del Pozzo, one of the quietest sea spots of Sicily. Behind the hotel stands the mount of St. Catherine which litterally splits the island of Favignana into two parts, that look like wings. In fact, Favignana is also known as the butterfly-shaped island.
Dimora Cala del Pozzo is located only 8 km away from the main harbour. Guests are able to enjoy relaxation and privacy without being cut off from the center of social, cultural and mundane life of Favignana. Moreover, tourist need to get familiar with the harbour because you can’t go to Favignana without visiting the two other “pearls” of Aegadian achipelago, that are Levanzo and Marettimo. The harbour is the very heart of Favignana: boat tours allow tourists unlock all the precious secrets of the island, like cliffs, bays and caves.
In our opinion, as locals, we reckon that the type of accommodation that one can choose actually gives a specific direction to the holiday. Despite its small size, Favignana offers quite a lot of differetens solutions to accommodate tourists: from holiday villages to bed and breakfast.
In this part of Sicily a luxury hotel is not just a lavish residence with superior services and facilities. Top quality accommodation is concieved to boost tourist experience and facilitate understanding and appreciation of this land.
That is what we so at Dimora Cala del Pozzo. Ready to share this experience with us?