ECO Friendly Philosophy

Our Commitment to the Environment

  • To clean the facility we use eco-friendly products, free of toxic substances and pollutants, completely biodegradable and not tested on animals.

  • Our amenity kit products are also eco-friendly, made with vegetable raw materials, natural and not tested on animals.

  • We are committed to reduce garbage, avoiding waists and making sorted waste collection.

  • In order to drastically reduce the consumption of plastic, we have installed a purifier that produces very good potable water available for our guests. For the other beverages we choose glass.

  • Hot water is obtained thanks to the solar panels.

  • We use eco-save light bulbs.

  • All the paper products we use are made from raw material obtained from recycled materials of the cellulose fibers of the beverage cartons.

  • In Our farm Terre del Favonio we practice organic agriculture: we don’t use synthetic chemicals, manure is done with field bean and wild plants , we minimize the soil processing, we try to preserve and increase the balance and biodiversity of the ecosystem.

  • During Breakfast, aperitifs and dinners we commit to offer our guests products which are fresh, genuine and respectful of the territory. They come from our farm or small organic local companies, preferring a short supply chain.