Summer off to Sicily. Have you ever considered to choose the island of Favignana? It is litterally heaven on earth. A strategic place to enjoy the treats of a luxury hotel in Sicily by the beach. Apart from the comforts you can find at hip accommodation, Favignana is a real treasure chest. Let’s unlock its secrets toghether.

The fame of the stunning island of Favignana dates back to ancient times. Over the centuries, writers, historians, geographers have recorded its chronicles and praised its beauty. Yet, even nowadays, the largest island of the Aegean archipelago is still shrouded in mystery.

Here are our top 4 tips the experience the best of Favignana, starting from the ultimate luxury hotel in Sicily.

  1. luxury hotel sicily beach

    A lavish bath at luxury hotel Sicily Dimora Cala del Pozzo

    Chic retreats: THE luxury hotel in Sicily by the beach

    It was named after one of the most charming bays of the island of Favignana: Dimora Cala del Pozzo is among top rated luxury hotel in Sicily – and, it lies beside the beach. This luxury accommodation represents an important legacy to the island. It was built on the ruins of an ancient rural building which has been restored and transformed into an elegant yet traditional residence. The architecture and interior design are chic, minimal, with an air of strong Sicilian identity. There is a whole tradition of Favignana in this luxury hote. It was made of an ancient beam, typical architectural construction of Sicily that once housed the farmers who cultivated the surrounding land. When in the best luxury hotel of Sicily, you can also taste local products such as extra virgin olive oil, vegetables, honey, pasta, home grown and made by the owners.

  2. Sea, beaches, boat trips between Cale and breathtaking sunsets

    luxury hotel sicily beach

    Cala Rossa in Favignana, Sicily

    If you are staying at the recommended Dimora, you can’t really miss the chance to spend some hours at Cala del Pozzo, a sandy and rocky beach at a stone’s throw from the luxury hotel. Moving on to the rest of the island, Cala Rossa and Cala Azzurra are the most popular beaches of the island of Favignana. But the coast is dotted with smaller beaches and sheltered. Some are reachable only by sea but most of the coast is also accessible from the hinterland. If you visit Favignana, you can not shirk the adventure of a boat cutting through these crystalline waters. This is the only way to discover majestic caves, red coral seabed and hidden coves, such as Cala del Pozzo.

  3. The taste of tradition: tuna, fish, and other dishes

    The first thing you have to eat in Favignana is the bluefin tuna. Until 2007 the island’s tuna fishermen have perpetuated the tradition of the “mattanza”, the typical art of tuna fishing in Favignana. This activity has been abandoned, but the people of Favignana successfully preserve a great know-how on tuna cooking and tuna-based dishes. In the island of Favignana, the fish – any kind of fish – is the real king of economy and table. Typical cuisine includes many other traditional products suhc as: busiate, long twisted pasta typical of Trapani, the cunzato bread made with flour of an old local grain, and as to sweets, th cassatelle.

  4. Old town sigthseeing

    Harbour and old town in Favignana, Sicily

    Harbour and old town in Favignana, Sicily

    If you choose to stay at the top luxury hotel in Sicily Dimora Cala del Pozzo, you will be immersed in unspoilt nature, halfway from the sea and the mountains. But the old town – the real hub of Favignana’s people and life – is just few minutes away. The historic center of Favignana was born around the harbours of San Leonardo and the smaller port of former Tonnara Florio. Among the crown of white houses, you’ll learn the history of this island and get to know local habits and traditions. When touring the island, don’t miss Santa Caterina castle situated on a hilltop. From the height you can admire the island of Levanzo and Marettimo. The last must-see spot of Favignana is the archaeological area of ​​St. Nicholas, also known as a place for cave excursions and snorkeling.