If you are looking for the perfect luxury hotel in Sicily, then you really must take into consideration a stay in the butterfly-shaped island of Favignana. It is a precious jem of the Aegadian Archipelagus, just few kilometers west the coast of Sicily. There – halfay from the rocky beaches and green hills – an ancient traditional building of Sicily guests the luxury hotel Dimora Cala del Pozzo.

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Favignana will make your holiday. Nevertheless, the best luxury hotel in Sicily is a place of unparalleled beauty that perfectly suits any hedonistic desire. In the island and at the luxury hotel Dimora Cala del Pozzo will find a warm welcome. You will feel master of the island. Owner of this enchanting dwelling, owner of what its walls enshrink. By the way, we are talking about the ancient walls of a medieval Sicilian court. So, it is not only one of the top rated luxury hotel in Sicily: Dimora Cala del Pozzo is, with no doubt, a place where you will feel privileged.

Cala del Pozzo, luxury hotel sicily beach in Favignana

Cala del Pozzo gives the name to our luxury hotel Sicily by beach

The hotel was named after a nearby cove: Cala del Pozzo, one of the less known of the island. It is a paradise for swimming, snorkeling and hiking. But those who pass here try carefully not to spread the word. Everybody wants to preserve Cala del Pozzo, its beauty unchanged over time, the emotions that this special place evokes.

Dimora Cala del Pozzo is a luxury hotel typical of Sicily, set by the beach. It is housed in a typical sicilian building called “baglio” – that means manor house – framed by the deep blue sea of Favignana. This type of building used to be a medieval landlord’s fortress overlooking the surrounding land, to protect it. Every baglio has courtyard inside.

This luxury hotel is set in the deep heart of rural Favignana. In Sicily, these buildings have literally laid the foundations of feudalism in Middle Ages and gave birth to agricultural progress.

The ancient manor house of Dimora Cala del Pozzo is like a silent guardian of stone. It has have been able to pass the time, to observe the changes of the centuries, to shield the wisdom and traditions of men.

The fortress was restored and transformed into one of the most valued luxury hotels n Sicily

In recent times, the ancient baglio has witnessed the rebirth of rural traditions. This historical heritage is, metaphorically speaking, the foundation stone of the project “Masserie Pozzo Vecchio” a farm based on organic agriculture founded by a Sicilian couple, Fabio and Ginevra. The project has evolved over time and eventually gave birth to one of the most valued luxury hotels in Sicily: that is Dimora Cala del Pozzo.

Dimora Cala del Pozzo is much more than a sophisticated luxury hotel by the beach of Favignana. There is the whole soul of Favignana enclosed within the walls of this ancient fortress. The walls of the hotel and the lush vegetation all around can tell hundreads of stories. They can tell the nacient peasants’ stories, they can tell Fabio and Ginevra’s story. And, most of all, the can tell the story that every guest will love: the one of an unforgettable stay in a lavish luxury hotel in Sicily, on an idyllic island.